The best episodes from the TV show Farscape

List of the 10 best rated episodes from the TV show Farscape from the 88 listed on our webite. Order based on the average from the IMDB and TMDB ratings
Die Me, Dichotomy (

Die Me, Dichotomy ("Farscape" Die Me, Dichotomy)

Season 2, Episode 22

he crew find a doctor that can heal Moya's burns and remove Crichton's neural chip. Things are complicated however when Crichton is informed he needs additional brain tissue from a donor in stasis who will die when the tissue is removed. Also Scorpius is beginning to take over Crichton's brain.

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Bone to Be Wild (

Bone to Be Wild ("Farscape" Bone to Be Wild)

Season 1, Episode 21

oya is hiding from a peacekeeper command carrier in an asteroid field. The crew receive a distress call and Crichton, Zhaan and D'Argo go down to one of the asteroids to rescue a women who has an unusual appetite.

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Picture if You Will (

Picture if You Will ("Farscape" Picture If You Will)

Season 2, Episode 6

aldus returns to torment the crew, convincing them that their friends have perished. One by one, the evil sorcerer drags them into his realm.

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I Shrink Therefore I Am (

I Shrink Therefore I Am ("Farscape" I Shrink Therefore I Am)

Season 4, Episode 8

group of bounty hunters come aboard Moya and take everyone hostage. When Crichton arrives back with the Old Woman he destroys the bounty hunter's ship and goes aboard Moya to rescue everyone while the Old Woman puts herself into a coma where she can survive outside the ship.

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The Way We Weren't (

The Way We Weren't ("Farscape" The Way We Weren't)

Season 2, Episode 5

datacam tape is uncovered showing Aeryn as part of a Peacekeeper firing squad that executed a previous Pilot aboard Moya. The rest of the crew wants answers but Aeryn is recalcitrant about revisiting her past - especially her relationship with Velorek, the man charged with forcibly bonding a new Pilot to Moya. Pilot two refuses to communicate with the crew, not wanting to reveal his own complicity in the murky circumstances surrounding his installment as Moya's guide.

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The Ugly Truth (

The Ugly Truth ("Farscape" The Ugly Truth)

Season 2, Episode 17

rais and Talyn return. The crew are put on trial for an attack that Talyn made on an alien ship.

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DNA Mad Scientist (

DNA Mad Scientist ("Farscape" DNA Mad Scientist)

Season 1, Episode 9

scientist extracts DNA from several of Moya's crew, promising them that with it he would be able to use it to find the location of their home planets. Things get more interesting however when he asks for some of pilot.

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A Clockwork Nebari (

A Clockwork Nebari ("Farscape" A Clockwork Nebari)

Season 2, Episode 18

Nebari group come aboard Moya and attempt to mind cleanse everyone using a drug. Pilot and Rygel are the only two who can resist the effects. Crichton also remains unaffected due to Scorpius' neural clone.

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Into the Lion's Den - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2) (

Into the Lion's Den - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2) ("Farscape" Into the Lion's Den: Part 2 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)

Season 3, Episode 21

rais gets Talyn to starburst inside the command carrier, causing it to collapse in on itself.

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Durka Returns (

Durka Returns ("Farscape" Durka Returns)

Season 1, Episode 15

hen a Starburst goes badly wrong, Moya collides with a Nebari ship. On board is Durka, Rygel's former torturer, who has been mind cleansed and now serves the Nebari. Chiana, an attractive young rebel faces the same fate. Rygel takes it upon himself to take revenge on Durka and ends up undoing the cleansing and restoring him to his former, tyrannic incarnation.

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Farscape is an Australian science fiction television series, produced originally for the Nine Network. The series was conceived by Rockne S. O'Bannon and produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainment. The Jim Henson Company was largely responsible for the various alien makeup and prosthetics, and two regular characters are entirely Creature Shop creations. Although the series was under contract for five seasons, it was abruptly cancelled after production had ended on its fourth season, effectively ending the series on a cliffhanger. Co-producer Brian Henson later secured the rights to Farscape, paving the way for a three-hour miniseries to wrap up the cliffhanger, titled Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, which Henson directed himself. In 2007, it was announced that the creator was returning for a web-series, but production has been repeatedly put on hold. A comic book miniseries was released in December 2008 that was in continuity with both the series and the hoped-for webisodes. In 2013, the channel Pivot began airing the entire series in syndication.
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