The best episodes from the TV show Silent Witness

List of the 10 best rated episodes from the TV show Silent Witness from the 112 listed on our webite. Order based on the average from the IMDB and TMDB ratings
The Lost Child (1) (

The Lost Child (1) ("Silent Witness" The Lost Child: Part 1)

Season 12, Episode 9

hen the half-naked body of a 12-year-old is discovered floating in a drainage ditch near his school, the team is called in, bringing Nikki back in contact with one of her former teachers, Noel Hopkins, now headmaster.

During Harry's preliminary examination they find clear signs of abuse, and when the police discover the victim was last seen with another boy, Liam, who has also gone missing, they fear he may have been abducted. Liam is still out there, the hope is that he is still alive, and the team, under increasing pressure from the police, must find clues from the dead boy's body in order to save the living.

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Death Has No Dominion: Part 1 (

Death Has No Dominion: Part 1 ("Silent Witness" Death Has No Dominion: Part 1)

Season 15, Episode 1

hen Leo's friend commits suicide, Harry and Nikki are called to the scene of a violent and calculated murder, which is thought to be the work of an apparently dormant serial killer.

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Lost: Part 2 (

Lost: Part 2 ("Silent Witness" Lost: Part 2)

Season 14, Episode 4

fter a preserved female body is discovered buried in a peat moor in Sheffield, DI Sonia Hardwick turns to an archaeologist called Professor Patrick Cain for help. is able to Patrick persuade the coroner to release the body for examination to the Lyell centre in London much to Sonia's annoyance. Nikki, Harry and Janet are worried about Leo. Nikki discovers knife wounds to the hands which the professor believes may indicate a ritual killing as the autopsy on the body is carried out. Further wounds discovered around the abdomen and genitalia suggest though that it could of been a sexually motivated attack. Leo ends up searching through his archives for a case he dealt with in Sheffield in 1985 that were committed by self-confessed serial killer Karl Bentley. As he examines the body himself he is caught by Nikki and Leo tells him he thinks the body could belong to a woman called Jodie Fisher who went missing at the time. When Leo pays a visit to Sheffield he is haunted by memories of his own past which put a strain on his relationship with Janet. Another girls ends up being killed on the streets of Sheffield.

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Domestic: Part 2 (

Domestic: Part 2 ("Silent Witness" And Then I Fell in Love: Part 2)

Season 15, Episode 4

arry and Nikki delve deeper into the tangled lives of the inhabitants of Magnolia Drive.

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One of Our Own: Part 1 (

One of Our Own: Part 1 ("Silent Witness" One of Our Own: Part 1)

Season 18, Episode 9

he Lyell team are under pressure to catch the killer of an admired Essex police officer.

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Lost: Part 1 (

Lost: Part 1 ("Silent Witness" Lost: Part 1)

Season 14, Episode 3

eo finds himself haunted by past memories when he returns to Sheffield after an ancient body is unearthed on Bleaklow Moor.

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Sniper's Nest: Part 1 (

Sniper's Nest: Part 1 ("Silent Witness" Sniper's Nest: Part 1)

Season 18, Episode 1

ikki and Jack strive to track down a sniper at large in London and stem a public crisis.

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Shadows (1) (

Shadows (1) ("Silent Witness" Shadows: Part I)

Season 13, Episode 7

ikki and Harry try to help wounded victims of a campus shooting while trapped in the building with the rampaging shoote

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Shadows (2) (

Shadows (2) ("Silent Witness" Shadows: Part II)

Season 13, Episode 8

ikki and Harry try to help wounded victims of a campus shooting while trapped in the building with the rampaging shoote

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Legacy: Part 1 (

Legacy: Part 1 ("Silent Witness" The Legacy: Part 1)

Season 16, Episode 7

ikki and Jack are under pressure when a teenager's remains halt an eco-housing project, while Leo is trapped in a dangerous hospital siege as distraught Tom Hancock holds a ward at gunpoint to turn off his terminally ill son's life support. Leo agrees to do his son's post-mortem to diffuse the situation, and becomes embroiled in Tom's quest for the truth behind his son's cancerous tumours. When Leo discovers that Tom's son had the same kidney disorder as the housing project victim, he suspects a dangerous local health hazard. Far from convinced, Nikki enjoys a whirlwind romance with charismatic science minister James Embleton, the eco-housing project owner, despite his belligerent father's discomfort. New construction site evidence leads Jack to builder Brian Blackburn, with suspicion falling on his son, who has sudden behavioural problems. And as Leo's investigation into a health hazard hits another barrier, he becomes convinced he is onto a cover up.

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Silent Witness

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