The best episodes from the TV show Sonic X

List of the 10 best rated episodes from the TV show Sonic X from the 78 listed on our webite. Order based on the average from the IMDB and TMDB ratings
So Long Sonic (

So Long Sonic ("Sonic X" Rebirth of Planets)

Season 3, Episode 26

he episode starts off with Vanilla stopping by the Chaotix Detective Office to thank the Chaotix for all that they did for her and Cream. Amy and Cream then bring a whole bunch of snacks to Tails to try and cheer him up. (Note: This entire first part, almost four minutes long, was not shown in the English dub of the episode.)

Chris then flashes back to the point just when the planet with Cosmo on it was being destroyed. Lucas is seen following Hertia to peace. Suddenly, the planet begins to expend all of its energy. Punching Sonic out of the way (which looked very painful for Sonic), Shadow uses the last of his energy to perform Chaos Control to stop time, giving everyone else a chance to escape. Eggman then worries that Shadow may not have survived the Chaos Control he did to save everyone, and he begins to feel some remorse for Shadow. Meanwhile, Sonic approaches Tails with only a seed from Cosmo. Tails, already upset about losing her, finally falls into Sonic's arms, crying as they fly away.

Back on their homeworld, Chris and Knuckles have a little discussion about what's next for Chris, and they fall along the lines of where Chris's home would be now that he can't go back. Rouge is seen in Eggman's ship staring at Shadow's pod. After a run-in with Eggman, Rouge suspects that he knows something about Shadow's whereabouts. Eggman commented on Rouges breasts and was smacked, however this was cut out in the English dub. Near the end of the episode, Eggman shows Chris an egg-shaped pod that will take him home, but there's a catch: Chris only has three minutes to return home, or else he could be stuck in Sonic's world! Chris has no time to say goodbye to his friends, just as Eggman planned. Chris then leaves Sonic's universe via Eggman's pod. Once Chris is gone from sight, Eggman says that with Chris out of the way, he can continue in his creation of the Eggman Empire.

Sonic's last words were "I won't forgive you, Eggman!" ("Life never stays slow around here for long, thank goodness! Watch out Eggman, I'm coming at'cha full speed!" in the English dub). We then see a pot with a seed (apparently the one Sonic found) in it. The episode ends as the Egg pod with Chris in it flies out into space and then twinkles out. Chris was supposedly sent home.

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Missile Wrist Rampage (

Missile Wrist Rampage ("Sonic X" Dr. Eggman's Ambition)

Season 1, Episode 3

nuckles and Amy are scouring the sewers trying to find a way out while Eggman hatches a giant robot named Missle Wrist and Knuckles' is too stubborn to care about it. Can Sonic, Chris, Tails, Cream, and Cheese stop this horrible disaster?

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Chaos Control Freaks (

Chaos Control Freaks ("Sonic X" Chaos Control Freaks)

Season 1, Episode 1

onic busts into Chaos Control to stop Eggman from using the Seven Chaos Emeralds and save his friends Cream and Cheese.He screws though and it sends Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, Cream and Cheese to another world!! Sonic is confused by his surroundings. People are stunned at seeing a Blue Hedgehog! They all try to catch him but Sonic's to stubborn and quick for them. So anyway Sonic goes off and running from the police.He then encounters Sam Speed and the S-Team! Sam Speed trys to catch Sonic but he's to quick for him! Now Sonic is even toying with them!Sam has no choice but to use his Nitro. Sonic is able to lose them though. Now Sonic jumps off a cliff looking at all the beautiful sights but something is below him....a pool! He falls in and starts drowning not able to get up! Luckily he is saved by Christopher ""Chris"" Thorndyke who is shocked that Sonic can talk so they become friends.

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Unfair Ball (

Unfair Ball ("Sonic X" Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team)

Season 1, Episode 10

ails finds another Chaos Emerald, but in order to get it Sonic and pals(including Tails) must win a very odd baseball game against Eggman and his robot's. Or is Eggman just tricking them so he can get all the loot even if he doesn't win?

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Sonic to the Rescue (

Sonic to the Rescue ("Sonic X" Infiltrate! Area 99)

Season 1, Episode 2

onic has unofficially taken residence at Chris' house. Chris is a young boy, whose family is rich. While Chris and Sonic are watching TV, Chris' grandfather, Chuck, walks into the room and discovers Sonic. Almost taken apart by Chuck, Sonic flies out of the way to the other side of the room. Sonic then hears on the TV that Cream and Cheese were found. Chuck sees this and agrees to help Sonic find his friends. Cream and Cheese have been taken to Area 99; a top-secret military base. It is very high security, so Chuck gives Sonic an infrared scope to find his way around. Sonic finds Cream and Cheese in a lab being tested. He breaks them out, but then the security cameras catch him and start firing their lasers at them. After the cameras' lasers destroy about half of the base, Sonic hears a noise outside. It's the tornado! Sonic bolts out the wall and lands on the Tornado, and they all fly back to Chris' house to reunite.

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Sonic X

Sonic X is an anime series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. It was created by Sonic Team and produced in Japan by TMS Entertainment. It aired on TV Tokyo from April 6, 2003 to March 28, 2004 and on Kids Station from 2004 to 2005. In the United States, Saban Brands currently owns and manages the copyright and branding of the series.
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