The best episodes from the TV show Warehouse 13

List of the 10 best rated episodes from the TV show Warehouse 13 from the 64 listed on our webite. Order based on the average from the IMDB and TMDB ratings
Reset (2) (

Reset (2) ("Warehouse 13" Reset)

Season 2, Episode 12

he team tries to track down their rogue member, and discover the artifact they have is unexpectedly powerful. Meanwhile, Claudia wonders about her future with the Warehouse team and Pete must choose between Kelly and the mission.

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MacPherson (

MacPherson ("Warehouse 13" MacPherson)

Season 1, Episode 12

he team discovers that MacPherson is auctioning artifacts he has siphoned from the Warehouse shelves.

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The Truth Hurts (

The Truth Hurts ("Warehouse 13" The Truth Hurts)

Season 4, Episode 20

ete and Myka capture Paracelsus but not before he makes himself immortal. When Myka's cancer becomes worse, Pete must make a deal with Paracelsus to cure his partner. Meanwhile, Claudia receives some startling news from Artie.

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Endless Wonder (

Endless Wonder ("Warehouse 13" Endless Wonder)

Season 4, Episode 7

hile Pete and Myka investigate a series of artifact-related growth spurts, Artie reluctantly takes Steve and Claudia with him to track down Brother Adrian before he can steal more artifacts from the warehouse.

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A New Hope (

A New Hope ("Warehouse 13" A New Hope)

Season 4, Episode 1

n the aftermath of the warehouse's destruction, the Warehouse team races against the clock to find a way to undo time itself and put right what went wrong. However, Artie finds himself facing a difficult decision when he is warned that saving the warehouse will unleash an even greater evil.

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The Greatest Gift (

The Greatest Gift ("Warehouse 13" The Greatest Gift)

Season 3, Episode 13

ete Lattimer is hit in the head by an artifact and wakes up to a life where he was never born. Pete must hunt down and persuade the Warehouse team (none of whom recognize him) to go on this life or death mission with him to vanquish a long dead nemesis from the past to get everyone’s lives back.

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We All Fall Down (

We All Fall Down ("Warehouse 13" We All Fall Down)

Season 4, Episode 10

he team have no time to mourn a fallen comrade as they go after the person responsible, the nemesis that has been stalking Artie since he used Magellan's Astrolabe to save the world.

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Endless (

Endless ("Warehouse 13" Endless)

Season 5, Episode 6

hile the team deals with the news that Warehouse 13 is moving, Mrs. Frederic has them load their greatest memories of their missions into an artifact for future generations.

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Emily Lake (

Emily Lake ("Warehouse 13" Emily Lake)

Season 3, Episode 11

s Sykes begins his end game, the agents discover that Helena is still alive... and teaching high school literature. Meanwhile, Jane reveals the full extent of her plan but one agent will lose their life carrying it out.

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Stand (

Stand ("Warehouse 13" Stand)

Season 3, Episode 12

ete and Myka race to stop Sykes from using his own cache of artifacts to destroy them and the Warehouse.

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Warehouse 13

After saving the life of the President, two secret service agents - Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer - find themselves assigned to the top secret Warehouse 13. The Warehouse is a massive, top secret facility that houses dangerous and fantastical objects. Together, Pete and Myka along with fellow agents Claudia, Steve Jinks and Warehouse caretaker Artie, must recover artifacts from around the globe before they can cause catastrophic damage.
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