The best episodes from the TV show seaQuest DSV

List of the 10 best rated episodes from the TV show seaQuest DSV from the 44 listed on our webite. Order based on the average from the IMDB and TMDB ratings
The Good Death (

The Good Death ("SeaQuest 2032" Higher Power)

Season 1, Episode 22

hen the crew of seaQuest are tricked into torpedoing a refugee ship containing Westphalen's daughter, Dr. Westphalen, Ford, and Shan are trapped trying to save her.

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Better Than Martians (

Better Than Martians ("SeaQuest 2032" Nothing But the Truth)

Season 1, Episode 13

eaQuest is hurriedly dispatched to rescue a crew returning from a manned mission to Mars when their space capsule crash lands in the Atlantic Ocean, but the president of an militarised Asian federation wants them too for his own reasons.

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The Devil's Window (

The Devil's Window ("SeaQuest 2032" Treasure of the Mind)

Season 1, Episode 2

arwin falls ill and will die if no cure is found, but a visiting scientist on an important UEO project is unconcerned with the fate of a single dolphin.

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Give Me Liberte (

Give Me Liberte ("SeaQuest 2032" Knight of Shadows)

Season 1, Episode 7

hen Commander Ford and other crew members are contaminated with a deadly virus from a downed space station, Captain Bridger finds himself fighting against the clock and a government cover-up to save them.

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Treasure of the Mind (

Treasure of the Mind ("SeaQuest 2032" Games)

Season 1, Episode 3

hen a preserved annexe of the Great Library of Alexandria is discovered, many nations send their fleets to lay claim to its treasures. The UEO orders Bridger to mediate the dispute and sends a team of ESP parapsychologists to help the negotiations.

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Games (

Games ("SeaQuest 2032" Treasures of the Tonga Trench)

Season 1, Episode 4

he crew of seaQuest rescue a warden and his only prisoner from beneath the ice cap. The prisoner escapes and reveals that he holds a deadly toxin which will be released unless the crew does as he says, which is launching the seaQuest's missiles against the UEO.

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Nothing But the Truth (

Nothing But the Truth ("SeaQuest DSV" Greed for a Pirate's Dream)

Season 1, Episode 14

hen a top-secret UEO project shows the approach of a catastrophic volcanic eruption, the crew of seaQuest must convince treasure seekers on the island to abandon their lifelong search or face certain death.

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Knight of Shadows (

Knight of Shadows ("SeaQuest 2032" Bad Water)

Season 1, Episode 8

hen a small team from seaQuest board a ancient sunken ship in order to determine why it went down, they find themselves trapped in a series of very bizarre and supernatural events.

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Photon Bullet (

Photon Bullet ("SeaQuest 2032" Better Than Martians)

Season 1, Episode 12

hen Lucas visits a communications base populated by a group of young computer experts, a famous computer hacker, who now runs the Node, persuades Lucas to break into the World Bank and divert funds for humanitarian causes.

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Brave New World (2) (

Brave New World (2) ("SeaQuest 2032" Brave New World)

Season 3, Episode 1

en years after its mysterious disappearance, the seaQuest appears back on Earth. A tough Navy officer, who had been obsessed with searching for the submarine, assumes command of the seaQuest due to the new hostile world climate.

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seaQuest DSV

In the early 21st century, mankind has colonized the oceans. The United Earth Oceans Organization enlists Captain Nathan Bridger and the submarine seaQuest DSV to keep the peace and explore the last frontier on Earth.
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