The best episodes from the TV show Fairy Tail

List of the 10 best rated episodes from the TV show Fairy Tail from the 47 listed on our webite. Order based on the average from the IMDB and TMDB ratings
Battle of Fairy Tail (

Battle of Fairy Tail ("Fairy Tail" Battle of Fairy Tail)

Season 1, Episode 42

hort on money, Lucy decides to compete in the Miss Fairy Contest to win the 500 000 jewel prize, in spite of stiff competition including Mirajane and Cana. However, the contest goes awry when Laxus arrives with his 3 bodyguards, the Raijinshū. Evergreen turns the all the contestants into stone as hostage for Laxus's challenge: the Battle of Fairy Tail. To save the contestants, the entire guild must find Laxus and Raijinshū within three hours and defeat them. However, Fried has set up runes all over Magnolia Town creating traps with specified rules, including one that prevents people over 80 from passing has been set up around the guildhouse.

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The Two Dragonslayers (

The Two Dragonslayers ("Fairy Tail" The Two Dragon Slayers)

Season 1, Episode 27

atsu finally faces off against Gajeel in an all out battle.

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The Fairies in the Wind (

The Fairies in the Wind ("Fairy Tail" Fairies in the Wind)

Season 1, Episode 6

atsu, Erza, Lucy, Happy, and Gray follow the Eisenwald Guild to try and stop them from using the Lullaby, a flute that when played will drain the life out of anyone that hears it. They find them but are lured into a trap set by none other than the Eisenwald leader, Erigor. Can they escape the trap and stop him before he completes his fiendish plan?

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The Strongest Team (

The Strongest Team ("Fairy Tail" The Strongest Team)

Season 1, Episode 8

atsu finally knocks the wind out of Erigor’s sails in a scorcher of a battle—but Fairy Tail’s strongest team still has a war to fight when the death flute’s dark magic plays an evil scale of epic proportions.

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My Resolve (

My Resolve ("Fairy Tail" My Resolve)

Season 1, Episode 29

he fighting ends, with the help of Fairy Law; after the battle between Natsu and Gajeel, they find they may have more in common than they realized. Will this bring the two enemies closer? Lucy returns to the guild to apologize, and decides to return home to her father. Natsu, Erza, Happy and Grey find her note and follow her. Dressed in fancy clothes and having endless servants as her disposal... will Lucy decide to stay and never return to Fairy Tail again?

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Burst (

Burst ("Fairy Tail" BURST)

Season 1, Episode 17

atsu puts the heat on the masked wizard and crumbles his plans to use Deliora for himself. The mystery of the village’s curse is yet to be solved—Erza prepares to take down the purple moon looming over the island!

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Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull (

Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull ("Fairy Tail" The Fire Dragon, the Monkey, and the Ox)

Season 1, Episode 2

ucy’s dream comes true when Natsu and Happy take her to their headquarters in Magnolia to meet the rowdy members of Fairy Tail. For her first job, Lucy braves Mt. Hakobe with her new friends to find a missing wizard.

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The Fairy Tail (

The Fairy Tail ("Fairy Tail" Fairy Tail)

Season 1, Episode 1

ucy wants nothing more than to join Fairy Tail, the most rambunctious wizard’s guild in Fiore. When a phony lures her onto his ship with the promise of getting into the guild of her dreams, her newest friends arrive to bail her out!

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Dear Kaby (

Dear Kaby ("Fairy Tail" Dear Kaby)

Season 1, Episode 4

atsu, Lucy and Happy will have to do more than just read between the lines to defeat the twisted Duke Everlue and his monstrous maid, Virgo.

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Fairy Law (

Fairy Law ("Fairy Tail" Fairy Law)

Season 1, Episode 28

akarov regains his powers and goes to aid in the fight against Phantom. He and Jose face off in a high-level magic battle.

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Fairy Tail

Lucy is a 17-year-old girl, who wants to be a full-fledged mage. One day when visiting Harujion Town, she meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation. But Natsu isn't just any ordinary kid, he's a member of one of the world's most infamous mage guilds: Fairy Tail.
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